Leadership & Staff

OCF is led by a plurality of pastor-elders (in the NT pastor/elder/bishop are used interchangeably to describe the local church leaders). Instead of a single (or senior) pastor leading our congregation, we have a group of pastor-elders who share the preaching on Sundays and share most of the day-to-day leadership of the church community. We take this approach for two reasons, one biblical and one pragmatic. Biblically, from what we can tell, every church in the New Testament was led by a team of leaders. Pragmatically, plurality leadership best ensures the spiritual health of both leaders and members in a local church community. These are our pastor-elders, and church staff members.

Brandon Cash

Carlos Rams
Pastor-Elder | Mission

John Hutchison

Lori Dallavo
Staff | Finances

Ryan Guzman
Staff | Jr. High

Kathy Thorpe
Staff | Hospitality & Facilities

Joe Hellerman

Dan Olson
Pastor-Elder | Mission

Mark Stepp
Pastor-Elder | Youth

Chloe Linehan
Staff | Children's Ministry

Pearl Botts
Staff | Worship Ministry

Carly Linehan
Staff | Communications & Connections

Chris Robbins
Pastor-Elder | Small Groups 

Denny O'Keefe
Pastor-Elder | Marriage

Amy Malysz
Staff | Finances

Charlotte Carter
Staff | Children's Ministry

Margy Emmons
Staff | Worship Ministry

Shannon Ferguson
 Staff | Communications & Connections