From Kings to the KING

"Blessings and Responsibilities"

February 11, 2018. As part of our ongoing series in Kings, Pastor Brandon preaches today from 1 Kings, chapters 9 and 10.
Chapter 10 is the peak of Solomon's life and reign. God has blessed Solomon with riches, land, peace with surrounding nations, and wisdom to rule the people of Israel.
With these blessings, responsibilities come. In 1 Kings 9:4-8 the LORD tells Solomon to walk before Him with integrity and uprightness. Solomon did, and rulers and leaders from many nations come to consult with Solomon and to learn of the LORD most High.
We are a blessed people. We have God's Word, we have forgiveness by the blood of Jesus, and we have love and fellowship with the body of Christ. If we follow God's commandments and walk with Him according to His word, others will be attracted to the LORD.

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