Most men don’t recognize their importance in the home, the church, and society. Because they underestimate the impact they can have, they often settle for counterfeit models of manhood. Two popular counterfeit models in our culture are the Macho-man and the Apathetic-man. The Macho-man (think toxic masculinity) thinks masculinity is about power and success; the Apathetic-man thinks the “I-don’t-really-care” attitude is the ideal. Both of these are perversions of authentic manhood.

The answer isn’t to try to be more macho or to care less, the answer is to be more like Jesus, who modeled perfect manhood. He was the perfect blend of strength, maturity, compassion, wisdom, will and submission. He thought clearly and loved deeply. He took initiative and sacrificially took responsibility for those God entrusted to his care. This is the kind of men we strive to be at OCF.

In order to help one another become this kind of man, the Men’s Ministry at OCF offers large group get-togethers (for making initial connections), small groups (for instruction, discussion and growth), and one-on-one discipleship (for accountability and encouragement).


Men's Fraternity Series (ON BREAK)
OCF | Thursday Mornings | 6am

Message-Based Small Groups (ON BREAK)
In-Home Groups | Sunday-Friday Options
Our Message-Based Small Groups offer men and women an opportunity to build relationships within our OCF community, pursue God together, and share the light and love of Jesus with those around us.  Our groups hope to be communities that study together, pray together, worships, serves, celebrates, fellowships, and lives life together.  Our groups meet weekly in homes throughout the South Bay. 
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