Small Groups

The Christian life is meant to be lived in community. For one to flourish as a follower of Jesus it is essential to build close relationships with other believers and to live life together in pursuit of God and His standards. Our Small Groups offer you an opportunity to build relationships within our OCF community, pursue God together, and share the light and love of Jesus with those around us. Our groups then, are communities that study together, pray together, worship, serve, celebrate, fellowship, and live life together.

Our Small Groups meet weekly, primarily in homes throughout the South Bay including El Segundo, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Westchester and beyond. Our goal is to have thriving small groups in all of the communities where our OCF members live so we can actively live out the Gospel together.

We offer three types of Small Groups: Message-Based, Topical Studies, and Discipleship.


These groups follow the Scripture outline for our Sunday morning sermon series. There is a weekly handout distributed with questions to help groups dive deeper into the text and seek to make relevant applications in their lives.

Registration for these groups will open at the end of August.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: ***Provided discussion questions are on break until the fall.***

For more information about our Message-Based Small Groups, please contact Pastor Mark.

Mark Stepp


These groups build their study around a specific topic and dive into biblical texts as well as other pertinent literature to help those in the group to make relevant applications in their lives. These could be topical Bible studies, book clubs, video series studies, RightNow Media series, etc. We want to ensure that when our people face a specific challenge, life stage, or have an interest to grow closer to the Lord through a particular topic that we can help provide an avenue to do so right along with others in the family of faith. Groups will vary in the manner and frequency with which they display each element, but all groups should be able to demonstrate each element as part of their common and consistent life together. This is not something that can be accomplished in a brief season together. For this reason we encourage all of our groups to commit to spending one full small group year together.

Co-ed groups


Men's Groups

 Men's Fraternity 
OCF | Thursdays | 6am

***On break through August.***
Guys, you're invited to join us on Thursday mornings at 6am at OCF. For more information about Men's Fraternity, please contact Pastor Carlos.

women's groups

The Power of a Praying Wife
Leader: Theresa Schlueter
OCF | 2nd & 4th Saturdays | 6:30am

Join us as we pray for the welfare of our husbands using the book, "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie O'Martian.  We gather every 2nd and 4th Saturday in the OCF Prayer Room from 6:30am-7:30am. The eye-popping, early hour is purposeful, allowing busy wives to participate in family activities. This focused hour of prayer will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed (always a benefit to husbands). There is no beginning or end to this group - you can join in anytime. It is also not critical that you make every prayer session.  For more information, please contact Theresa Schlueter.



All groups and efforts to draw near to the Lord work towards our discipleship, but we want to make a distinction here. Discipleship groups at OCF carry the intention to walk through a study in what the whole life of faith looks like. While no such study can complete your work of growing as a disciple, there are a number of quality studies and methods available to help groups of our people to journey together to encounter what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus. Discipleship Groups then, are groups that meet to explore what the whole life of faith in Jesus actually is in its entirety.

For further information regarding our Topical Groups and Discipleship Groups, please contact Pastor Chris.

Chris Robbins