Without guidance, people fall, but with many counselors there is deliverance. (Proverbs 11:14)

None of us should have to face major life decisions alone. At Oceanside Christian Fellowship, we believe that we make better decisions when we combine our own knowledge with the wisdom of our brothers and sisters in Christ. To help facilitate the decision-making process, OCF offers Wisdom Councils to help us wisely navigate the sometimes challenging crossroads in our lives.


A Wisdom Council is a place to gain wisdom from others when you face a decision that just seems too big to handle by yourself. 
It is a group of 5-6 mature OCF Christians who gather together for a meeting to offer input and insight about a key decision in an individual's life.

What It Is Not:

A Wisdom Council is not designed to address long-term emotional or relational needs. The Council typically meets a single time to offer wisdom for a specific major decision.

A Wisdom Council is not a place to get accountability to obey the teachings of Scripture. Although biblical input may be appropriate in certain situations, the Wisdom Council will typically address one of the many life decisions about which the Bible is relatively silent: Should I relocate to another state? Should we place our child in our local public school or home-school him? Should I change careers? Which college should I choose? Should I go to seminary? How do I handle a particularly difficult situation at work?

A Wisdom Council is not a place where others tell you what to do. Rather, we want to help you collectively consider all the factors involved (Pros & Cons), so that you can leave the meeting equipped with the wisdom you need to make the very best, sensible, God-honoring decision before the Lord.

If you would like to use a Wisdom Council, please contact Dennis & Janis Bice.