Young Adults

What We're Doing:

You are invited to our Young Adults gatherings called, Struggle. Regardless if you are in college, out of college, single, married, divorced, late teens, early 20's, or late 20's, these gatherings will be a place where you can come and experience community, fellowship, and discussions centered around the hard and difficult topics of the Bible and the culture around us.

The Purpose: 

The hope is that we can come together to form deep friendships and to wrestle through stuff that the Church doesn't often address on Sunday Mornings. The topics we will discuss together will range from creation and evolution to the LGBT and SSA community, to the divine violence in the Old Testament and how that relates to Jesus. There is no topic within the Bible or outside of the Bible that is off limits.

How Meetings Will Go:

The first meeting in each month will be a time of fun, food, and simply enjoying each other's company. But, at the end of this meeting, we will pick a topic that we want to discuss as a community next time we meet, and then lay out all of our questions about it. 
The second meeting will be a time of discussion. I'll provide for us a Biblical framework for our discussion and then all of us will talk through what we think, feel, and have observed about the topic.

We hope that you can join us and we can start to grow together as a community through having fun and talking about hard things. Feel free to invite any of your friends, whether Christian, non-Christian, Agnostic, or who are just trying to figure things out. This is a safe place for all people, no matter where they are on their journey.

For more information regarding our Young Adults Ministry, please contact Colton Meo.